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Gum diseases are also known as periodontitis. It damages the tissue which is near to teeth, if you do not give treatment then infection also infects the bones of the teeth which provide support to the teeth. In the end, your teeth are loose in front of you and you will do nothing.

Periodontitis is highly avoidable by doing some things like

  • brushing the teeth twice a day

  • Get a regular dental check-up enhance the chances of improvement

  • Getting flossing daily.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

Following are the symptoms of periodontitis :

  • Color of gums(dusky red , purplish gums, bright red)

  • Feel pain when gums touched

  • Swallowing of gums

  • Gums bleeding very easily without something touch

  • Bleeding start during brushing the teeth

  • Pus produce between your teeth or gums

  • A bad smell comes out from the mouth

  • Spaces between your teeth

  • The gums are gone from your teeth and your teeth look longer than normal

  • During a bite, I feel pain in my gums or during chewing.

What are the causes of gum disease?

The number one cause of periodontitis is the plague, the plague is produced by the interaction of sugar in food and bacteria found in your mouth.

The plague becomes harder and harder over the gums then starts infecting the gums . It starts decaying the gums.

This plague can be removed by brushing or flossing but again reform very quickly due to bacteria in your mouth.

The plague remains on your gums for a long time ten converts into the tartar which is difficult to remove as compared to the plague.

The tartar causes damage to the teeth. By proper care of the teeth, tartar can also be removable easily.

The tartar can cause the loss of your teeth. It is very important to take steps to remove the tartar.

Otherwise, first, infect the gums and next infect the bone which supports the or infects the teeth and teeth start decaying. This also affects the immune system.


Effects of gums infections

Increase the risk of following diseases

  • Obesity

  • Smoking

  • Vitamin c deficiency

  • Gingivitis

  • Teeth lose

  • Cancer and AIDs due to less immunity

What is the treatment of gum disease?


  • Regular dental check-up

Find the dentist and visit him regularly as he prescribes you. The medicine helps you more in the improvement as compared to your care.

  • Oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene prevents periodontitis, brushing the teeth twice a day especially before taking a meal or after taking a meal brush the teeth. The flossing of the teeth is also very important to not provide a helpful environment for bacteria to produce more plague.


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