Back Pain causes,symptom ,and treatment


Back Pain Causes ,Symptoms ,and Treatment

We should keep in mind that an injury to any part of the body can also cause back pain. 

Upper spine disorders, enlarged bladder, infectious and non-infectious diseases and 

hereditary conditions. Or the environment can also trigger back pain. The discomfort and 

restlessness caused by back pain can feel like a sharp dagger blow or it can also be in the form

 of a slight prick.

Eight out of ten people suffer from back pain.

The habit of sitting in a slouch can also be dangerous for your back. Sitting for a long time 

without movement can also cause spasms in your back veins, muscles and make your back stiff.

 But if sitting for long periods of time has become a habit of yours, take some time out and practice 

the following methods:

Causes and Treatment of Back Pain

  • Lean back in your chair with a slight bend in your back and sit comfortably with your feet flat 

    on the floor, this way your back will be protected from strain and stiffness.

  • Also try standing for a while while calling someone or doing some work.

  • Remember, it's not how much you lift that matters, but how you lift it. It's certain that you can't lift 

    too much weight. The correct way is to first sit near the heavy object, while you keep your 

    back straight and head high, then lift the heavy object while standing with your legs.

  • While lifting weights, make sure that your back is not bent, because twisting or bending the body 

    while lifting a heavy object can be harmful to the back. Over time, bending or bending of the body

     can be dangerous for the back. When you sit in a chair and work on the computer, 

    keep your back straight. Keep the back straight, otherwise the spine may be damaged.

  • It has been observed that due to severe physical injury or doing too much work, back veins

     and muscles get spammed and pain is felt, but the pain gradually decreases by resting. 

    So avoid doing hard work.

  • If someone tells you that back pain can only be relieved by lying in bed, then they are wrong.

  • The fact is that lying in bed for a day or two straight can increase your back pain, not reduce it. 

    Being active can relieve back pain. Remember that movement is the name of life. 

    Back pain is common among people who sit in the same place for long periods of time.

    In such people, the habit of seeking rest becomes mature, as a result, they become lazy. 

    Become Such people especially participate in such activities on the weekend, 

    in which they do not have to spend much physical energy or strength, 

    they are engaged in continuous sitting work in offices throughout the week.


People who try too hard to keep their bodies super-proportioned tend to suffer from the 

psychological illness of gaining weight or losing weight, which leads to loss of appetite.

Such people suffer from a lack of appetite and weaken their bones. 

Their bones can break easily and their spine can also be severely damaged.

Any person can suffer from back pain again due to his laziness and laziness.

  • "Exercising regularly every day can get rid of back pain. Doctors recommend light exercise 

    initially for people who suffer from lower back pain due to a serious physical injury. are, 

    then gradually suggest to increase this exercise and the complaint of back pain starts 

    to decrease. This exercise recommended by the doctor can also prevent us from suffering

    from back pain again in the future.

  • Acupuncture treatment may also reduce back pain. According to the American Pain Society

     and American College of Physicians guidelines, patients and their physicians should 

    recommend treatment for those who have persistent back pain despite self-care. If found, 

    acupuncture treatment should be considered

  • In today's advanced age where people are always suffering from problems and mental stress,

     yoga is a useful method of treatment.

In yoga, a person abandons everything else and concentrates his full attention on one side, 

due to which he gets the blessing of relaxation and this relaxation benefits his nerves, which 

causes back pain. These types of treatment methods are being considered and found to be 

useful today.

  • In Spain, when a study was conducted on people who stood for long hours during their work, 

    they were found to suffer from severe back pain.

During the study, it was found that when these people slept on a less firm mattress,

their pain was reduced, and people who slept on a firmer mattress were found to have more 


  • Do the necessary exercises as advised by your doctor and take the medicine prescribed by him, 

    eat strictly. Losing weight and giving up smoking can also help in back pain.


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