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Gout, gout symptoms

  Gout (Arthritis) Arthritis the swelling of the Bones  The chances of arthritis increase with age the cartilage bone becomes less and less on the joints which cause arthritis this is happening mostly in the knees or hips sometimes occur in the joints of fingers rheumatoid arthritis. The number one symptom of this Arthritis is that the patient feels pain in the joints of the body respectively the joints are small or large for example fingers elbow wrist nice thumb joints feel pain. Along with arthritis muscles, ordinance and tissues also damage which makes the body of the patient immovable. Types of arthritis There are several types of arthritis which are described below. Gauti arthritis  Sometimes the patient feels pain in the fingers of their feet and the pain of the Gouty arthritis is very painful even a small touch can cause heavy pain in the patient's feet. As time passes, it doesn't give the treatment that causes broken bones slowly, and causes cripple.  In 10% of patient

Best treadmill in low prices

 Best treadmill at low prices Best Choice Products Folding Treadmill with Manual Incline, Fitness Workout Exercise Machine w/Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, LCD Screen, Shock-Absorbent Running Deck, Device Holder in black color. Cheap with good Quality Save your money by buying the product at a cheap price OMA Treadmill (High quality with cheap price)  OMA Treadmills for Home, Max 2.25 HP Folding Incline Treadmills for Running and Walking Jogging Exercise with 36 Preset Programs, Tracking Pulse, Calories. High Quality product

Natural remedies,home remedies for eyes

Home remedies Don't get rid of glasses. Nowadays, wearing glasses is increasing rapidly. It accumulates at an early age and the number of which goes up. Due to the glasses, the natural exercise of the eyes also stops. The appearance of the eye is diminished and the visual impairment is increased. What are the causes of eyes disorder?   Causes of eye disorders Unbalanced Diet Stimulating Food,  Use of Foods Too Hot,  Cold Things to Use in Food Eaten,  Uses the Peeled Pulses, and,  Usage of Fast Food Eaten  Late at night From sleep and late in the morning to get up  Take a tea in the morning  To wear high heel shoes  To watch more television   Lack of the same deficiency in vitamin A  Lack of natural food in the diet. High Blood pressure is also the cause of the weakness of the eye etc. Natural remedies  Most of the food is raw. This is a special treatment for it. It is mostly found in food. Foods enriched with vitamin A, B, C  milk and fruits should be taken. And carrot juice Is ver

Bipolar Disorder,types of disorder,symptoms of bipolar disorder

  What is Bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder - previously called manic depression - is a serious mental illness, which causes a person to have drastic changes in emotions, moods, and energy levels: as they transform. From lowest to highest energy levels ever. However, keep in mind that these changes do not happen from one moment to the next, but rather lasts for several days or weeks.  Types of bipolar disorder There are many types of bipolar disorder, but all types always have many factors in common.   Unipolar disorder  People have low moods exactly the same as symptoms of another associated disorder, major depressive disorder. It is also known as a unipolar disorder.  Symptoms of unipolar disorder Patients with this disorder may feel hopeless, frustrated, and lack energy and mental focus. They may also exhibit physical symptoms, such as overeating or sleeping, or eating or sleeping less. But despite this low mood, it's what differentiates bipolar disorder from depression. Unipo

Cough Types of cough

  Process of coughing  Cough is defined as a short explosive expulsion of air. A cough is an important reflex that helps protect your airways and lungs. Anything from fumes, dust, smoke, pollen, medication, or having a lung disease like asthma or COPD, may activate this reflex. Your throat and airways are equipped with cough receptors as well as a thin layer of mucus that coats and protects your airways. When you inhale a trigger, your cough receptors recognize the intruder, which gets stuck in the mucus lining your airways. Those cough receptors then send a message up to your brain which sends a signal back to the muscles of your chest wall and abdomen to rapidly and forcefully take a deep breath in and out to remove the trigger. Coughing can propel air and particles out of your lungs and throat at speeds close to 50 miles per hour, and this whole process is almost instantaneous and very effective. An occasional cough is a normal, healthy function of your body. But a persistent coug

hepatitis B, symptoms of heptitis

What is  Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is the most well-known irresistible sickness on the planet, influencing exactly 2 billion individuals - that is more than one-fourth of the total population. Hepatitis B is a vaccine-preventable liver disease brought about by hepatitis B infection (HBV). Hepatitis B is spread when blood, semen, or other body liquids from an individual contaminated with the infection enters the body of somebody who isn't tainted. This can occur through sexual contact; sharing needles, needles, or other medication infusion gear; or from mother to baby at birth. Not all individuals recently contaminated with HBV have side effects, but for those that do, indications can incorporate weariness, helpless hunger, stomach torment, queasiness, and jaundice. For some individuals, hepatitis B is a momentary ailment. For other people, it can become a long haul, ongoing contamination that can prompt genuine, even dangerous medical problems like cirrhosis or liver disease. Haza