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Ringworm symptoms treatment cause and food

Ringworm Quba is actually the medical name of ringworm. It is an itchy disease. It is the most common worldwide. Every year, the number of people suffering from this complaint is significant.  This disease affects all generations, all ages and all sexes. It affects the people of.  The age of those who are troubled by this disease is usually 15 to 30 years,  but this complaint can also happen to children and the elderly. Symptoms of ringworm In this disease, red or black spots appear on the skin, which are slightly raised from the surface  of the skin. The attack of this disease is mostly in the scalp, knees, elbows, lower back and thighs.  The skin becomes hard and rough and the more the patient itches,  the more severe the itching becomes. At the site of ringworm, small grains come out and merge together. In some people, a thin fluid is released from this area and in others, the area becomes completely dry,  but scaly. Both these symptoms can be seen at different times in the same per