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Benefits of yogurt

  Benefit of yogurt The first and last characteristic of good and excellent curd is that it is well curdled, delicious in taste  and good quality. And the useful germs are not destroyed or wasted by this heat, but less than this  temperature is against curdling, because just as the excess and intensity of heat kills the useful germs  that coagulate the curd, the effect of the curd on different organs is as follows. are Teeth: Sometimes the fluid collects in the gums and swells them, and the teeth start moving and aching.  In this way, some of the teeth peel off, which makes the teeth look ugly. Curd has proved to be a very good and effective medicine in this regard. The use of curd is very useful  to protect the teeth and prevent them from moving.   Brain: Yogurt is the best soothing food for the brain. In hot and dry diseases of the head, it is beneficial like  compound medicines like lion juice, carrot juice, etc. In removing pigment, pumpkin is considered to be  the substitute. Eye:

Benefits of Barley

  Benefits of barley Medical experts have revealed that barley grains can play an important role in reducing body weight  and protecting against diabetes and heart disease. This grain reduces the risk of diabetes by lowering  blood sugar levels. Land University scientists have said that the secret of the benefits of barley is  hidden in its husk. Ann Nelson, associate professor of this university and the leader of this research, has said that  choosing the right dietary fiber can provide excellent health benefits in a short period of time.  Benefits can be achieved. During research, the beneficial effects of consuming barley were highlighted when the specific  combination of dietary fibers present in barley reached the intestines. After reaching the intestines,  these fibers played a significant role in increasing the number of "good bacteria" and the release of  important hormones. These are two hormones that keep the metabolism at a proper level and suppress appetite. Earli

Back Pain causes,symptom ,and treatment

  Back Pain Causes ,Symptoms ,and Treatment We should keep in mind that an injury to any part of the body can also cause back pain.  Upper spine disorders, enlarged bladder, infectious and non-infectious diseases and  hereditary conditions. Or the environment can also trigger back pain. The discomfort and  restlessness caused by back pain can feel like a sharp dagger blow or it can also be in the form  of a slight prick. Eight out of ten people suffer from back pain. The habit of sitting in a slouch can also be dangerous for your back. Sitting for a long time  without movement can also cause spasms in your back veins, muscles and make your back stiff.  But if sitting for long periods of time has become a habit of yours, take some time out and practice  the following methods: Causes and Treatment of Back Pain Lean back in your chair with a slight bend in your back and sit comfortably with your feet flat  on the floor, this way your back will be protected from strain and stiffness. Also