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Enlarged Liver,Symptoms of large liver

  Enlarged liver: When the liver is swollen beyond its usual size generally greater than 15cm in the midclavicular line is known as an enlarged liver or also known as Hepatomegaly. The liver is a wide-reaching internal organ that helps in maintaining innumerable functions of the human body such as: ·         Washing blood by getting rid of harmful chemicals that are made by the human body. ·         Produces liquid called bile, which helps in the disintegration of fat from food. ·         store sugar for a quick energy boost. The only internal organ liver that can grow back after surgery, so direct liver donation is possible. If you donate a portion of your liver, it’ll regenerate to its unique length. The transplanted portion will also expand. An enlarged liver is a sign of fundamental problems. It may damage the liver's ability to perform its functions properly. If you have advanced liver disease, you may have: ·         Cancer such as leukemia ·         Genetic disease ·