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Why getting flu is COVID-19

  Why getting flu is dangerous CDC suggests yearly influenza inoculations for practically all people a half-year-old enough and more seasoned. In any case, a few populaces are at an expanded danger of influenza, and it is particularly significant for these gatherings to get immunized:- Seniors, grown-ups matured 65 years and more established might be more powerless against this season's virus and likely inconveniences.   People with fundamental constant medical issues like coronary illness, stroke, and diabetes.- Children, particularly those more youthful than 5 years and the individuals who have gotten back to face to face school.- Pregnant ladies, who might be at an expanded danger of seasonal influenza in view of insusceptible framework changes during pregnancy.- Individuals who are Black or Hispanic; information recommends that these populaces might be at an expanded danger of this season's virus and influenza-related complications. Unfortunately, the fantasy continues that

corona virus

what is coronavirus? corona is the name of the whole family of coronaviruses which are known as coronavirus. Corona means crown because on the top of the virus there is like a crown and viewable through a microscope. coronavirus there are five or four kinds of coronaviruses, some kinds of coronaviruses effect animals as well as human.sometimes, coronaviruses jump from animal species into the human. in the 2019 novel about coronavirus, a theory about the corona is that it may have jumped from animal species into the human population and then begun spreading. How it transmits? Millions of people infected by coronavirus and thousands died. It spreads from people to people through respiratory droplets, which comes out when people cough and sneeze and stay aloft usually about six feet in front of them. These droplets stay on the surface , it transmits to person by touching these surfaces. Symptoms of coronavirus In some cases, the symptoms may not appear. The most com