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  Gout (Arthritis) Arthritis the swelling of the Bones  The chances of arthritis increase with age the cartilage bone becomes less and less on the joints which cause arthritis this is happening mostly in the knees or hips sometimes occur in the joints of fingers rheumatoid arthritis. The number one symptom of this Arthritis is that the patient feels pain in the joints of the body respectively the joints are small or large for example fingers elbow wrist nice thumb joints feel pain. Along with arthritis muscles, ordinance and tissues also damage which makes the body of the patient immovable. Types of arthritis There are several types of arthritis which are described below. Gauti arthritis  Sometimes the patient feels pain in the fingers of their feet and the pain of the Gouty arthritis is very painful even a small touch can cause heavy pain in the patient's feet. As time passes, it doesn't give the treatment that causes broken bones slowly, and causes cripple.  In 10% of patient