Enlarged Liver,Symptoms of large liver

 Enlarged liver:

When the liver is swollen beyond its usual size generally greater than 15cm in the midclavicular line is known as an enlarged liver or also known as Hepatomegaly. The liver is a wide-reaching internal organ that helps in maintaining innumerable functions of the human body such as:

  • ·         Washing blood by getting rid of harmful chemicals that are made by the human body.
  • ·         Produces liquid called bile, which helps in the disintegration of fat from food.
  • ·         store sugar for a quick energy boost.

The only internal organ liver that can grow back after surgery, so direct liver donation is possible. If you donate a portion of your liver, it’ll regenerate to its unique length. The transplanted portion will also expand.

An enlarged liver is a sign of fundamental problems. It may damage the liver's ability to perform its functions properly. If you have advanced liver disease, you may have:

  • ·         Cancer such as leukemia
  • ·         Genetic disease
  • ·         Heart and blood vessels deformity
  • ·         Contamination

Causes of enlarged liver

Enlarged liver is a sign that the tissue in the liver is not working properly. Taking certain medications such as amiodarone and statins can also damage the liver. Some usual causes are giver as:

·         Metastatic cancer: Cancer that begins in other organs and extends to the liver.

·         NAFLD: Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

·         Cirrhosis: Blotching of the liver.

·         Viral hepatitis: Most commonly A, B, and C.

·         Congestive heart failure: Congestive heart failure can cause blood to back up in the hepatic veins. These are the veins that help remove blood from the liver. When they back up, the liver becomes congested and larger.

·         Wilson’s disease: Copper accumulation in the liver.

Some infections and certain medical conditions can cause your liver to expand. Liver enlargement can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Generally, any enlargement will increase the size of your liver.

Symptoms of enlarged liver

An enlarged liver may not cause any symptoms. But if the medical condition expands your liver, you may experience severe symptoms as:

  • ·         Jaundice (yellowing of white of eyes and skin)
  • ·         Drowsiness
  • ·         Muscle stabbing
  • ·         Tickling
  • ·         Inflammation of feet and legs
  • ·         Nausea (Motion illness)
  • ·         Bloody and coffee ground vomiting


Treatment for an Enlarged Liver depends upon what is causing it. Lifestyle modifications are helpful when the enlargement of the liver is due to the accumulation of fat in the liver or because of excessive alcohol intake. It involves:

  • ·         Reduction of Weight.
  • ·         Avoid Consumption of Alcohol.
  • ·         Adopting a Healthy Diet.
  • ·         Focus on Fitness by increasing Physical Exercise.
  • ·         Abandon Smoking.
  • ·         Limits Food that is rich in sugar and fat.
  • ·         Wear Gloves, masks, and covered clothes.
  • ·         Don’t use supplements without the consent of the doctor otherwise it will seriously harm your liver.
  • ·         Avoid Fried food because they are rich in fats and fats accumulation can cause serious inflammation of the liver.

Remedy for different causes of liver expansion depends on the underlying disease that  .triggered it.


Individuals infected with the expansion of the liver should follow a proper Healthy Diet at home such as:

  • ·         Everyday consumption of lengthy brinjals helps restore the liver to its original role
  • ·         Taking a combination of two grams of Sprague powder, half-gram salt two times an afternoon after food with water treats all liver and spleen problems.
  • ·         Antioxidants are very beneficial for the liver so in order to provide the liver with antioxidants grapes should be included in daily diet.
  • ·         Drinking Green Tea in a balanced amount Heals the Liver.
  • ·         Drinking a tumbler of Spearmint juice with added sugar for 10 days could be very helpful.
  • ·         Blueberries and Cranberries consumption for 21 days protects the liver from damage.


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