Chicken is a domestic fowl, which we kept for its meat and eggs. Many people eat it but not known benefits of it. How much it beneficial for health we don't know.

Chicken breastchicken mostly used over all the world. Chicken breast is mostly enjoyed because it is usually skinless, boneless, and rich in the protein.

Half chicken breast contains 142 calories with only 3 grams of fat also contains other essential vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin b6, and vitamin b12.

It contains minerals in small quantities such as iron calcium zinc and potassium.
There are some health benefits of chicken.

  • High in protein

                  We can call chicken is the second name of the protein. It's a good and powerful source of low-fat protein. chicken helps muscle growth and development and helps to support healthy body weight also aid weight loss.

  • Help in depression

                 People facing the problem of depression should have to eat some poultry that increases the serotonin levels in the brain enhances or boosts your mood blasting stress and calm down you to sleep.

  • Reduce bone loss

                when you are getting aged then you should face problems like osteoporosis or arthritis. It helps you in the fight against bone loss due to the protein.

  • For Heart Health

               Homocysteine is an amino acid that causes cardiovascular diseases and it's levels high in the body. Eating chicken breast decrease and control levels of homocysteine.

.It contains minerals in small quantities such as iron calcium zinc and potassium.
You can consume chicken breast as grilling baking or stewing.
  • Helps to lose extra weight by keeping your stomach full for the most part of the day.

  • Due to the high content of protein used for the building block of the body.

  • Remove weakness from the body boost immunity, regulate digestion, prevent heart disorder, and maintain cholesterol level.

  • Reduce cancer mostly reduces the chances of colon cancer from the body.
There are some health benefits of chicken.

  • Teeth and bone health

             A high quantity of phosphorus in chicken supports our teeth and bone health. As well as it is good for the functionality of the kidney, liver, and central nervous system.

  • Metabolism booster

            Vitamin b6 or B complex vitamins encourage the enzymes and promote the of process methylation which means eating chicken keeps blood vessels healthy, energy levels high, and increases metabolism burning calories. You can manage a healthy or specific weight number.

  • Improve immune system

            Selenium minerals are abundant in chicken which improves thyroid hormone metabolism and make a strong immune system.

  • Prevent cancer 

            Chicken is rich in one particular B vitamins that save us from cancer and other forms of genetic DNA damage.

  • Eye health

          Retinol alpha, beta carotene, and lycopene all derived from vitamin A which is beneficial for decreasing the eyesight number.

  • Tissue growth

         Chicken essential for healthy tissue growth. Many people of us faced problems of chapped lips, cracked mouths or tongue, dry skin in winter.riboflavin or Vitamin  b2 found in chicken livers will drastically reduce the skin problems and repair damaged or dry skin.
Add chicken in your diet perfectly.

 Stay healthy Stay blessed


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