What is depression?

Depression is a serious medical illness that involves the brain it's more than of feeling being down in the dumps.

All of us experienced sadness that goes away or becomes fade over time and we feel better. You have known what happens when that sadness stays lingers? That situation can cause depression.

About 10% of the world population face problem of depression.
Our society knows little about it, also take it as a small disease and totally neglect it.

It's very difficult to understand depression because it is invisible. That disorder can be defined by thoughts, behaviors, and feelings rather than fair symptoms like vomiting, rashes, fever, pain, etc.

People who faced depression also have to face the misbehavior of their relatives and friends like "get up and do something for yourself".

We can't understand what they experienced and how much hard time they have.
Too many types of depression but the most common type is Major depression.

Signs of being depressed.

          1. Neglecting friends and hobbies. Frustration from everything.Loss of pleasure from those activities which we usually enjoy and have too fun.

         2. Changes in sleeping pattern sleeping routine incredibly important for mental health. The irregular sleeping pattern can make a worse depression and it is a sign that he/she mentally suffering.

Depression can cause insomnia, too much sleep(hypersomnia), or too little sleep. Changing in sleeping routine result a lot of decrease in the overall energy of body.75% depressed people reported insomnia and 40% reported hypersomnia.

        3. Change in appetite. Depression can influence our appetites. Some people face depression to much loss in their appetite and feeling unable to eat.

On the other side, some people face depression increase their appetite, and feel too comfortable to eat food. So, if you notice a quite or drastic change in appetite means they are suffering from depression.

      4. Low self-esteem mostly affected by depression. It makes you see only your negative things about yourself and downplay your achievement. 

It makes you feel that you are worthless. Low Self-esteem is a risk factor for depression as an adult. If you always think that there's nothing positive about you and your friends put you down, it could be due to depression.

     5. The decrease in hygiene People who have depression struggle to shower, clean their teeth, or other self-grooming habits we take for granted. That's because of their fatigue and lack of motivation to complete tasks.

     6. IrritabilityDo you feel like you are tense and pent up? When you feel so negative about everything, it makes you feel annoying. Depression can cause a change in behavior or in mood regulation, meaning anger is more likely to be displayed.

     7. Flat emotions there is a misconception that depression can cause feeling so sad all time .depression can cause Flat mood like a dull mood. We say that they feel nothing at all. They don't feel happy or sad either.


Depression means how someone feels like a constant feeling of sadness, anger guilt, or hopelessness. It's symptoms also include lack of energy, low motivation, poor concentration, social withdrawal.
 You started to think like thoughts of suicide, loss of interest in regular activities.

When a person is depressed they feel think too many things that are negative and also bad for that person. To know about the symptoms in teenagers.


Depression is an illness

Depression is an illness not a weakness or fault of someone.
People told that you don't have the reason for being depressed like a reason to have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Mostly our surrounding's people and their thoughts make you depressed. Some incidents which happened in our life can also cause depression.

Depression is a disorder of brain there are a variety of causes like genetic environmental psychological and biochemical factors. Depression usually starts from the age of 15 to 30 and mostly women affected by it.

Depression can cause serious illness

Severe depression and stress can cause these severe and deadly diseases. 

  • chronic pain

  • arthritis

  • heart disease

  • diabetes

  • thyroid disease

  • stroke

  • cancer

  • multiple sclerosis

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Huntington’s disease

Treatment of depression

For depression, there are antidepressants and talk therapy.
Most people feel better by having both treatments at once.

If you think you have a depression talk to the doctor, consult with him, talk to him everything clearly. The doctor will help help you better in this case.

Don't take it easy because it's a too big disease, due to this you can't able to enjoy your life, not able to enjoy the happiness of daily.

Give attention to yourself also.
This advice will help you if you are suffered from mild to moderate depression.
If you have severe symptoms like suicidal or homicidal thoughts you need to be getting help right away.

Treating depression is something called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
This therapy can be as effective as medication in treating depression.

A CBT therapist helps you to identify negative thoughts that you are having and also helps you to see how they are affecting your mental health.

Continous negative thoughts have a real impact on the chemicals in your brain like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine that are helpful in charge of your feeling of well being.

A good therapist will help you to reduce depression by recognizing our negative thoughts and developing strategies to turn it.

The patient feels hesitation with the to-do therapy for negative thoughts.
It's a therapy for our mental health like we are going to do physical therapies for our knees to get benefits.

Stay happy Stay healthy.


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