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 The inflammation and swelling of the liver are known as Hepatitis. The liver is located at the top of the stomach in the right upper area of the abdomen cavity. It is an essential organ for processing nutrients and involves the filtration of blood and also fights against possible infections. The functioning of the liver is also affected when the liver is inflamed or damaged.


 It is basically a viral infection but can also be caused by other reasons like:

·         Autoimmune Hepatitis: It is a disease when a person’s body makes antibodies against his/her liver tissues.

·         Heavy Alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol drinking can cause Alcoholic Hepatitis.

·         Excessive Medications: The liver helps in breaking medicines so that they can dissolve in the blood. So, if there is plenty of medicine for the liver to break your liver could damage badly.

·         Toxins: Exposure to toxins can also lead to hepatitis.


There are 5 Kinds of Hepatitis that are of basic consideration.

 I.            Hepatitis A:

                 Hepatitis A(HAV) virus spreads through the intake of polluted water and meals. It also transmits via oral-anal sexual activity, or via the feces of individuals inflamed with HAV.

II.            Hepatitis B:

                 Hepatitis B(HBV) virus transmit whilst a person is exposed with the fluids of the frame that are highly infectious. The fluids can be vaginal secretions, blood, or semen and also spread by using drug injection It is also caused by having sexual intercourse with the infected accomplice or with the aid of using a shaving razor used by the infected character.

III.            Hepatitis C:

                 Hepatitis C(HCV) virus is transmitted through the transfusion of blood infected with HCV virus.

IV.            Hepatitis D:

                 Hepatitis D(HDV) is also well known as Delta Virus. This is a very dangerous liver disease and always requires the Hepatitis B virus to multiply. It is a very rare virus and is commonly found in the United States.

V.            Hepatitis E:

               Hepatitis E (HCV) virus is referred to as a waterborne disease specifically spread in areas having negative sanitation management and transmitted by the way of ingestion of water contaminated with fecal matter.


  If you are infected with a chronic form of hepatitis like Hepatitis B and C you may not perceive the prodrome of the disease in the beginning. The signs may additionally occur after the normal functioning of the liver is damaged.

Chronic Hepatitis symptoms include:

  • ·         Decline of the mind Capabilities (hepatic encephalopathy).
  • ·         Small spider-like blood vessels obtrusive within the skin (spider angiomas).
  • ·         Jaundice (Yellow staining of skin and sclerae)
  • ·         Redness of Palm.
  • ·         Excessive Bleeding (Coagulopathy).
  • ·         Expansion of Spleen (Abdominal organ).

Acute Hepatitis symptoms which right away consist of:

  • ·         Darkish Urine
  • ·         Motion illness and Vomiting
  • ·         The loss of Urge for food
  • ·         Abdominal pain (near the liver)


 I.            Adopting Hygienic Lifestyle:

Adopting Effective hygiene methods is the key progressive way to avoid interacting with Hepatitis A and E. if you are moving from one country to another country you should avoid:

  • ·         Local Water.
  • ·         Intake of Ice.
  • ·         Uncooked or undercooked seafood.
  • ·         Uncooked vegetables and Raw fruits.

      The chances of developing Hepatitis B, C, and D can be minimized by:

  • ·         No longer sharing Drug needles.
  • ·         Avoid touching spilled blood.
  • ·         Avoid using Someone’s Toothbrush.

       Using condoms during sexual intercourse can effectively reduce the risk of infection and can help in lowering the possibilities of developing Hepatitis B and C.

II.            Vaccines:

            Getting Vaccinated against Hepatitis is a crucial key for stopping its Transmission. Vaccinations are available to prevent the danger of Hepatitis A and B. Experts are trying their best to the made vaccine against Hepatitis C. Vaccine for Hepatitis E is found IN China but are not available in united states.


Patients infected with Hepatitis should follow a Healthy Diet pattern such as:

  • ·         Fruits and Vegetables can play an exquisite role in recovering from liver disorders. They have all the necessary nutrients required for healing from the infection. Also, they contain antioxidants which ultimately provide protection to the liver against harmful damage.
  • ·         Starchy Vegetables are recommended for quick recovery.
  • ·         Whole Grains such as wheat bread, porridge, Cereals are favorable for people infected with this disease.
  • · Low-fat milk is the rich source of healthy protein, dairy products, meat, and soy product are the major healthy contributors to the Remarkable Diet for Preventing Hepatitis.


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