Milia on eyelid

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Small white bumps that appear on the skin are known as milia. They develop on the different parts of the body under the surface of the skin.

If they develop on the cheeks or on the eyelid then they do not look good. They are dangerous to the health but create problems to the look of the person.

Milia are caused by clustering the keratin in the skin known as whiteheads. In this article, we will focus on how to treat the milia on the eyelid.

Home treatment to remove the milia on the eyelids

Following are methods to remove the milia at the home. These help in removing the milia, if you want to remove it otherwise no need for treatment.

Use warm cloth

Milia develop due to keratin and under the surface of the skin if we apply the warm cloth on it. The heat of the cloth helps in removing the dead cell of the skin and brings the keratin to the surface of the skin.

At last, if keratin moves on the surface of the skin you can easily remove milia.

Use steam

At home take steam treatment for the face, the steam may be taken in the bathroom or kitchen. If you have a closed bathroom then the bathroom is the best option, if you have not accessed the closed bathroom then take a steam in the kitchen in a way that air is not released.

This treatment helps in the keratin move up in the skin.

Use honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties which help in removing the whiteheads.

Use rose water

Likewise honey rose water has anti-inflammatory properties. Apply on the whiteheads to help in the removal.


Avoid touching

The milia cause the infection if touching too much with your heads. The fingers have germs that cause infection and swollen more. Left the milia alone heal faster than touching.

How long do milia take to clear up from the skin?

Usually, milia take one week to some months in children but in the adults, one month was taken by the milia to clear from the skin. Do not worry milia is not dangerous to the health

When to see a doctor for milia on the eye

If you notice that milia occur frequently and do not remove it by applying the upper home remedies. The home remedies do not work and also notice the milia swelling then contact the doctor . The doctor prescribes the best possible medicine to you for milia by seeing the condition of the milia.


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