How to stop the hair falling naturally


How to stop hair falling?

Hair falling is the major issue in the modern generation.Hairs start falling in the early age as compared to the previous generation.what are the causes of the hair falling nowadays?

Following are the major causes of hair falling in today generation:

  • Diet issue

  • Fast food intake 

  • Suddenly change in the body(loss fat quickly or gain weight quickly)

  • Daily routines issue.

  • Do not sleep properly in good hours

  • Late going to bed

  • Late awake in the morning

  • Do not take properly water

  • Do not wash hairs

  • Usage of shampoo to much

  • Rub the wet hairs

Some people believe that genetics will lead to hair fall but it's not true .We can delay hair fall with help of diet and daily routines.

30 percent responsible for hair fall is genetics from the mother's side ,30 percent from the father 's side but the remaining is the diet and daily routine.

Here is the solution to stop hair fall naturally.

  • Set daily routine

  • Early to bed ,early to raise

  • Use homemade food

  • Avoid junk foods

  • Take vegetables

  • Take eggs(protein)

  • Avoid to much oil

  • Wash hairs but use max 3 times a week shampoo

  •  Do not comb wet hairs

  • Do not rub wet hairs

  • Do not sleep with wet hairs

  • Do not wear cap or hat with wet haira

Guide for oiling the hairs

For oiling the hairs first of all check the skull skin type then use the oil accordingly.For skin test wash the hair and do not exercise or sweat on skull after the 8 hour when hairs are totally dry then take a tissue and rub on skull .

If tissue is dry then skin is dry ,if tissue is oily the skin is oily.

For oily skin do not use oil for more than 4 hours,for dry skin use oil for 4 hours overnight.

The hair process is the long term process. Be patient and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


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