First trimester

 First Trimester:

The first trimester is the premature phase of pregnancy. It starts on the first day of your last period before you are pregnant and even stays until the end of the 13th week. It is a time of great prediction and quick change for both you and your child.

Pregnancy is different for every woman. Some women glow with good health during this period of 12 weeks; others feel unconditionally depressed. A woman’s body faces many changes during the first trimester, a period of 12 weeks. Women often start to have care over: 

  • Having a good meal 

  • Different types of parental tests 

  • Gain in weight 

  • Make sure their baby stays healthy

first trimester


The first shows your pregnancy is a missed period. While several physical changes may also take place such as:

  • Mood swings  

  • Caring nature 

  • Puffy breasts 

  • Nausea may be with vomiting or without vomiting 

  • Augmentation in urine 

  • Tiredness 

  • Food longings and disgusts 

  • Stomachache or heartburn 

  • Stultification 

  • Gain in weight 

  • High blood pressure 

  • Temperature changes 

  • Swelling 

There are a lot of changes that take place during the first trimester such as a change in a woman body’s, changes in the fetus. We discuss in detail all the changes in women during pregnancy. To read about the second trimester and third trimester.

Changes in woman body: 

A woman's body faces a lot of changes during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy or the first trimester. As the woman's body liberates hormones that affect every single organ in the body.

A woman needs to take care of herself by taking smaller and healthy meals and by resting for a long time during this period of pregnancy. 

Changes to fetus:

A baby matures swiftly during this period of 12 weeks.  All the major organs and systems begin to form such as:

  • The fetus starts to grow a brain or spinal cord. 

  • The Baby’s eyes and ears start developing.

  • The baby’s heart also activates and starts beating during first trimester. 

  • Arms and legs begin to bud in the first few weeks. 

  • The fingers and toes also begin to form during the end of eight weeks. 

  • The baby's sex organs are formed at the end of the first trimester.

What to do after knowing about pregnancy:

  • Make an Appointment with the doctor:

When you come to know that you have become pregnant then make an appointment with a doctor to initiate caring for the developing baby.

A woman usually starts taking folic acid or prenatal vitamins for a year before the pregnancy if some women not taking this vitamin before the pregnancy, they should start to take these vitamins instantly.

Women usually make appointments with their doctor once a month during the first trimester.  A doctor may check full health history and complete a full physical and pelvic exam. The doctor may also:

  • Make an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy 

  • Complete palp test

  • Check blood pressure 

  • Take the test the check for any infections 

  • Evaluate the date of delivery (round about 226 days)

  • Check your weight 

  • Personal health care:

A woman should take care of her during this period of 12 weeks. Given below are few good personal health measures to take by a woman during the first trimester:

  • Get prenatal vitamins or folic acid 

  • Workout frequently (your pelvic floor by doing Kegel movements)

  • Drink plenty of water 

  • Eat healthy food like as fruits, green vegetables and a portion of food which contain a good amount of protein and dietary fiber in it

What to avoid after knowing about pregnancy?

There are several things that should be avoided during the first trimester for your proper health which are given as:

  • Burnt seafood or raw fish 

  • Smoking 

  • White snapper fish because these fishes have high levels of mercury

  • Raw sprouts 

  • Alcohol 

  • Illicit drugs 

  • Energetic exercise or strength pieces of training which may cause a damage

  • Undercooked meat 

  • Too much caffeine 

  • Grubby food 

  • Unpasteurized milk  


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